Registration Steps:

Step 1 - Check & correct the starting and ending dates.  This ensures available events are listed.
Step 2 – Select a retreat, course or event below
1) Select “Book Now”. Confirm dates are correct & enter number of adults you are registering for, then “Continue”.

Select any options grouped under the retreat listing.

2) If you would like to add another item, click “Add to Booking”

Step 3 – Add accommodation if you wish to stay onsite
Accommodation rates include continental breakfast, but no other meals. Lunch and supper must be booked separately.
1) Select tab “Add Accommodation”, choose accommodation type and “Book Now”
2) Confirm dates of arrival and departure, and number of adults. Then “Continue”.

Step 4 – Add meals you would like while here
1) Select tab “Add Meals”, choose lunch or supper and “Book Now”
2) Confirm dates you would like to have this meal and number of adults you are adding meals for, then “Continue”
3) To add another daily meal click “Add to Booking” and choose the other meal option

Add something in error or with the wrong dates?
1) Click on the item to edit and choose to “delete”.
2) Go to “Add to Booking” and add the correct item/dates.

New Booking:
Fri Jul 10, 2020 - Thu Feb 15, 2018

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